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Israeli–Romanian Mifne Collaboration in honor of the National Solidarity Day of 14.5.24

Updated: May 15

The Parliament of Romania adopted a law to establish May 14 (The State of Israel was officially established on May 14, 1948) as the National Day of Friendship and Solidarity between Romania and the State of Israel. This relationship carries a special importance, both historically and from a moral and symbolic point of view. Just as the culture of history of the Jewish communities in Romania represent an essential landmark and an integral part of our national culture and history, the State of Israel has always supported the people of Romania, and we appreciate the solidarity of Romania with Israel, now at this tough period of time here.


The following is a special story about an Israeli-Romanian collaboration of the Mifne Center (Turning point in Hebrew), for Treatment, Training, and Research of autism: The Mifne Center (since 1987), which is located in Rosh Pinna, specializes in the treatment of infants up to age two, diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum Disorder. It is the first and only such enterprise, which treats autism in the very early infancy, encompassing the entire nuclear family, worldwide. 88.3% of the infants treated at the Center are fully functioning in their typical peer groups. This is due to the plasticity of the brain and its fast neuron development during the first year of life. Therefore, the significance of detection and treatment in the first year is life-saving in terms of development and quality of life, for the child, the family and the community. 


Seventeen years ago, we had the first family from Romania who came for treatment at the Mifne Center in Israel. A young psychologist joined them for training and kept working with their son, while getting back to Romania, for quite a few years. This therapist was Mrs. Sinziana Burcea, who was very enthusiastic, motivated and gifted.  All along these years, Sinzianna kept in close contact with Mifne Israel, she carried conferences in Romania to expose the Mifne method to the Romanian people. She and her devoted Team were trained in Rosh Pinna and two years ago they established the Mifne Center in Piatra Neamt. 

David Shub from Moinești, Romania, was a village shopkeeper and later managed an agricultural farm. Many of the villagers were fired with enthusiasm to resettle in the land of their forefathers, namely the land of Israel. In 1875 they formed an association for colonizing the land of Israel. On behalf of their association, they purchased the land of Gei-Oni, which got the name Rosh pinna.  128 years after the first settlers of Rosh Pina immigrated to Israel from the city of Moinești, a Twin Cities Alliance was signed between the Galilee Colony and the Romanian city.

A personal note: My late mother Mali Sherf was born in Romania. She was a child when she and her family were taken to the concentration camp in Transnistria, where they were staying for 4 years! After the Holocaust she left Romania on her own to Israel, at the age of 17 years. She would have been proud of this unique novelty collaboration we built together in the country of her roots. 


I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to the Ambassador of Israel to Romania, His Excellency Mr. Reuven Azar for his assistance in this special collaboration of Mifne, as well as to His Excellency Prince Nicolae of Romania, Honorary President of Mifne Romania and his wife Alina Maria, for being dedicated Ambassadors to Mifne. 


Written by Dr. Hanna Alonim, Founder and Head of the Mifne Center, Israel

The Mifne Center, Swiss House, Israel:

Therapy at Mifne Romania:

The Mifne Center, Swiss House, Israel:

Mrs. Sinziana Burcea

Mrs. Georgiana Brsoveanu with the Israeli Ambassador Mr. Reuven Azar


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