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Continuation of Follow-up of Therapy Program and Integration in Kindergarten

At the conclusion of the intensive treatment at The Mifne Center and upon the family's return to their home in the community, the second phase of treatment begins. The parents receive guidance and support in the application of RPT (reciprocal play therapy) in their home. This requires daily therapeutic hours in a playroom prepared for this purpose at home. The infant is treated in this room for several hours every day by his parents and therapists trained for this purpose.

The therapists referred to the families are professional therapists who have graduated from the school for training therapists using the Mifne approach, at Bar-Ilan University. These therapists work in the families' homes supervised by attentive guidance from The Mifne Center.

The number of therapeutic hours at home gradually decreases according to the toddler's progress and when he is integrated into a suitable kindergarten. The follow-up is managed by a senior therapist from The Mifne Team.

Continuation of Follow-up of Therapy Program and Integration in Kindergarten

Integration into a kindergarten framework

The ability to process socialization depends first and foremost on the ability to develop a personal relationship, that is, a one-on-one relationship. Only then is interaction within a group possible.

The factor that determines the duration of treatment at home is the progress of the toddler. As the toddler's ability to create social interactions increases, so does his ability to communicate in different social situations. It is an interactive process that depends on the functioning of each toddler. Exposure to other children, to their language and play, usually contributes to and accelerates the development, and helps the child to progress more and more to a state close to optimal functioning ability. In this process, close and deliberate guidance is required. In most cases, a nursery school or kindergarten is chosen, which will allow the child gradual and inclusive social interactions.

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