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Mifne Swiss Foundation

The Mifne Center is supported by the Swiss Mifne Foundation which was founded in 1990 by our dear Dr. Ernst and Mrs. Ilse Braunschweig of blessed memory.


The second president of the foundation was the late dear Dr. Eric Teitler. Dr. Arthur Braunschweig has been president of the foundation since July 2017. The purpose of this fund is to support Israeli families treated at The Mifne Center. The policy of Mifne is to accept Israeli families in need of treatment, regardless of their socio-economic status. A subcommittee of the association examines requests from Israeli families who need support. Each request is handled individually.


Additional goal of The Swiss Mifne Foundation has been the promotion of the Mifne approach and research in Europe. The foundation established a treatment center based on the Mifne approach at the University of Basel.


The Mifne Swiss House was established thanks to the Swiss Mifne Foundation and the Doron Foundation, under the management of Mr. Avner Azoulai.

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