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Families Eligibility

Treatment Referral Procedure

Families apply via e-mail or by phone. Following the application, there is an initial conversation with a therapist from the center. In this conversation, in addition to gathering information, the family is asked to send medical documents* if any, and video documentation of the baby at home in everyday situations such as: playing, eating, interacting with the parents. It is important for us to get documentation of different everyday situations, in order to allow the clinical team to get a first impression of the child in his natural environment and to evaluate his development.

* The documents and video clips are confidential

Acceptance criteria for treatment

  1. Age - the infant should be younger than two years old.

  2. Diagnosis or assessment - The infant has been diagnosed with ASD or has been assessed as being at risk for autism.

  3. Involvement of the parents - The parents are willing and motivated to be fully involved in the treatment.


The family is invited to a meeting with the clinical team at The Mifne Center. The meeting lasts about an hour and a half, during which the parents describe the development and condition of their child and they are given an explanation of the therapeutic approach and its content.

Meetings with Families from abroad take place via zoom.


If the infant (up to the age of 15 months) is suspected to be on the autism spectrum and has not received a diagnosis, we offer a possibility for an assessment meeting at Mifne Center. The meeting includes an observation where the treatment team can assess the baby's abilities and difficulties, and a discussion with the parents is also held. During the test, parents are given initial guidance and basic tools that they can apply at home. The meeting lasts about two hours. Following this, the parents receive a report that includes recommendations according to the results of the assessment (video follow-up, parental guidance, treatment at The Mifne Center or in the community).

If you would like to consider the suitability of treatment for your family,
please contact The Mifne Center for consultation, guidance and ad
ditional questions.

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