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Early Detection of Autism in the First Two Years of Life

Early Detection

Following the findings of a groundbreaking 10-year study that took place at the Mifne Center, a screening tool was developed at the center for the early detection of signs related to autism in infancy - ESPASSI©, In most cases, the signs can be identified relatively easily when the parents or experts are aware of the subject. This tool was piloted in the early detection unit established by a The Mifne Center at the Sourasky Medical Center in Tel Aviv from 2007-2012.

Another study conducted at The Mifne Center, in addition to our many years of clinical experience, showed that the earlier the treatment is performed, the better the results. Therefore, the age for treatment at The Mifne Center has gradually decreased, and at this time the age threshold for treatment at the center is up till two years of age. The working assumption is that treating difficulties in attachment and interaction during the first stages of an infant’s life can, in many cases, minimize the development of autism symptoms, a fact that once again emphasizes the need for early treatment.

Early Detection of Autism in the First Two Years of Life

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