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The Therapeutic Approach

The guiding principle of the program is that autism affects all members of the family. Family therapy is an essential component of the intervention program and it characterizes the Mifne program that differentiates from other intervention programs. The program applies Bowlby's attachment theory as the basis for the development of the self. It combines psychodynamic principles, a systemic approach to family therapy, and a biopsychosocial model according to Minuchin. The treatment is holistic and encompasses the entire spectrum of the infant's development; motor-sensory-physical-emotional-cognitive, and focuses on the ability and motivation to establish bonding and communication. The general principle of the Mifne model is to encourage the child to be curious and involved and not to teach him.

The Therapeutic Approach

The current treatment plan operates according to the following principles:

  • Treatment of babies and toddlers up to two years of age

  • Intensive individual therapy combined with family therapy

  • Continued treatment at home, accompanied by the guidance of skilled therapists

  • Integrating the toddler with peers

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