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יום האוטיזם הבין לאומי- מפנה רומניה

מתוך דבריו של שגריר רומניה ראובן עזר: was honored to host on #InternationalAutismDay at Ambasada Israelului în România Dr. Sinziana Burcea, President of Mifne România - Asociaţia Punct De Cotitură În Autism Timpuriu.

** The Mifne Center - Early Signs of Autism in Infants in Rosh Pinah, Israel is one of the pioneer centers in the world for the diagnosis and treatment of autism among infants under the age of two years old. The center was founded by Dr. Hanna Alonim in 1987.

Hanna was born to a family of Romanian Jews who emigrated from Bacău and Chișinău.

** Today, one in 51 children in Romania suffer from different degrees of autism and one out of 68 in Israel. If detected at early stage in life, while the infant enjoys brain elasticity, autism can be treated and the children will be able to have a much more productive life, including participating in the regular education system.

** The MIFNE method saved thousands of lives and could save millions all over the world. So far it is certified only in Israel and Switzerland, and soon, by the end of this year, will be certified in Romania as well, thanks to the great work being done here in Piatra Neamt in cooperation with Ministerul Sănătăţii - România


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